Moonlight’s Night

Moonlight’s Net

Christine Wang

Her heart  —  barely beating  —  shatters

on the shore,

a thousand shards of broken glass

a feeling so real

for a nightmare.


She had walked on the same beach once,

when she was in the waking world

her father had loved

and pointed out every gull

claiming that their bright eyes reminded him of her

and her mother


but now the gulls did not seem to

stare inquisitively at her as they did before

they tore off their glass hats,

yellow legs bent in hostility

yellow beaks pecking at the air

a furious balance of anger and fragility.


The shore of stained glass dreams

washed up old memories

clenched fists

swollen eyes

broken dreams

and though none of this existed truly

as she still remained asleep on her bed

she still choked out a bitter wail

that resonated distortedly

from the abyss of her delusion.


From the heart — or lack of heart

of the frothy ocean waves

fears claw their way out of the fabric

Ghosts of her deceased mother call out eerily

too late to prevent the girl’s father

from leaving so suddenly

leaving so definitively

leaving the girl so broken, a barely beating

heart cast out onto the shore


Yet it had been too long

too much time wasted being lost

in this nightmare

day and night

she knew she had to continue


It was her best friend who led her through life

barely there but still present

crucial —  like moonlight

an eternal net of comfort

and with her help the girl waded

precariously through the heartless

and distorted images


with her help, once more the blue of the waves

wrapped soundly around the red stains

and the intelligent, white birds

flew in circles once more

around a clear, blue sky


the gulls replaced their glass hats,

legs bending in a gentle greeting

beaks pecking with curiosity


Their yellow feet, their warm, yellow beaks

presenting a new shade of hope

a newborn dawn crying out,

a memory to carry her

through, to help her survive and live

another day in reality


Without a single glance back,

she boldly kissed the now soothing tide farewell

daring to forget its entirety

and without a single regret,

she silently dropped through the moonlight’s net

and into the glimmer of dawn

a fading, yellow silhouette in the sand.