The time we spent together,

endlessly floating, pressed soul to soul,

gentle caresses in the night.

I remembered always, 

the words you whispered to me on those nights.


Your striking eyes reflected me in them,

a smiling, blissful me.

all our days spent together,

wrapped in each other’s arms.  


I was audacious then, I loved you,

You looked at me 

as I gave my whole existence,

I smiled, and you smiled back. 


In my happiness I let the walls of reason down,   

believed you to possess some care. 

and seeking love, 

I peered into your eyes 

but only saw myself.


I was so certain you felt the same and

thought you’d feel the weight of my pressing words,

but all you did was laugh,

how strangely you did laugh.


your laugh echoed through the days

as your strong hands, those muscular arms, began the building, 

and when you finished, 

you beckoned me to stand. 

I looked at you

you only laughed again, 

I followed you, stood elevated above all else.

I blinked in the sneering air,

looked down and saw my scaffold,

then turned around and peered into the crowd,

the crowd jeered back at me. 


Black twine surrounded me

I could not breathe as

twine wound around my throat, 

which felt the pressure of the scornful rope. 

my hopeful eyes looked behind at you,

they darted 

even begged, but 

all I saw was me reflected once again.

the rope was harsh, you did not yield, and then,

you extinguished the last hope within my heart.