n. the space that stretches between dreaming and waking

Editor's Note

Vertigo Editors (2021-2022)

hello someone see if they can publish this. ive been looged out of vertigo account and last time i tried to work on this i did almsot try to kill myselg so maybe i should not be here.
hopefully in a few years vertigo won't be the shitstorm it is right now. discord rlly fumbled on that one

Table of Contents

Vivian Chen, Mina Chao – Slipping through my Fingers

Michelle Jiang – Dozy

Annabel Qin, Jonas Rindegard – The Other Side

Grace Lu, Alisha Bose – Paralyzed

xAnnie Yao, Keshav Kannan – The Dearborns Down the Street

Katherine Cui, Helina Li – the Pursuit of Happiness

Kristin Zhao, Emily Pedroza – Knight + Princess

Olive Li, Riya Abiram – Are you here?

xAllison Lin, Loren Yelluas – Sonder

Hannah Liao, Ty Hosein- Summer Journal

Jamie Tan, Muhammad Ashiq – A Thought Neatly Tucked Away

Henna Mahmood, Elizabeth Cheng – Blue

Henna Mahmood, Elizabeth Cheng – Blue

Henna Mahmood, Elizabeth Cheng – Blue