Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter — we have an inherent responsibility as a literary magazine to advocate for justice and hold those in power accountable; as the late James Baldwin once said in regards to being a writer, “I consider that I have many responsibilities, but none greater than this: to last, as Hemingway says, and get my work done.”

Through literatures we expose the injustice, the suffering, and the inequality in the society. We must take our stance and do the same in the society we live in.

We stand against racism.

We stand with you.

Our heart goes out to all the communities and areas affected by police brutality, and we encourage you to use your incredible writing and art skills for reform. Send letters to your CA representatives (Ro Khanna and Dianne Feinstein), message your relatives and friends to address the subject, and write to express yourself. Activism is more then just protests and we know that each of you is capable of making a small ripple to shift the tide of the times. For more ways to get involved, visit

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