Winter Issue Theme

In the wake of an exceedingly tempestuous discourse in the company of Vertigo personnel, which is composed of a group of ten, ideas of each of whom are subject to the experiences of their persons and some, whose name shall be kept, out of, but not limited to, respects for themselves and the necessity of anonymity for the public and private welfare, with stronger fervors than others in their expressions and radical interests, we collectively as a whole, having smoothed over the crooks and obstacles and the disagreement that have born within and divided us, have come to an agreement on the word, which is taken from the list of four that was heretofore a topic of discourse and change but no longer so as of this moment in time, that is to be used for the upcoming issue, which commonly and more popularly, albeit arguably a statement of subjectivity, is known to the general public as the Winter issue.
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