Take One

Take One

Flora Huang & Caroline Wang

This all happened because of what the servants called “COVID-something” or “Corona-whatever.” 

Usually, I’d get to laze around all day in our little habitat with the rest of my penguin gang, Eiscue, Piplup, and Delibird, and eat the fish the servants dumped out from a pail. Sometimes if we’d get some extra stuff, if we did the weirdest things like being still on the weigh scale. I don’t really know how they got all the fish, they’re our servants and they’re meant to serve us anyways, so I don’t suppose it matters. What else? Oh, there’s also weird miniservants on the other side of the glass walls, which I think are supposed to protect us from them. They look like small versions of the servants. I think that they’re training to be our future servants, but Empoleon says that they just like watching us. No one cares about what he thinks, though, so he’s probably wrong. 

Anyways, back to the point. Like literally, during the time the servants kept talking on the job about the Corona thing, the small weirdo animals just stopped getting trained or something, which I think is very lazy behavior. I wouldn’t hire them, but it’s not my decision. I actually don’t know whose decision it is, but oh well. Anyways, the servants made us leave our habitat, which I think was very rude. You see, I like our habitat, and I like lazing around in it. Being forced to get up and move around is very annoying. Out we marched through the servant door, and we saw some weird creatures that did not look like small servants or fish. Anyways, the servants just stood there and watched us, which was very awkward, and we waddled around looking at the weird creatures. 

They were very interesting, odd things. I saw one that was very flat, that was greenish grey in colour, and that had sharp yellow teeth. It looked like just a tail with stumpy feet, and its skin was wrinkled like the oldest servant’s skin. Next to it was a smaller version of itself. Probably a baby. I wondered what their names are. Probably nasty-skin-monster or something like that. 

One of the servants opened a door and went behind the glass protecting us from the weird creature and its baby. I’m not afraid of this stupid creature. I mean, the servants aren’t really scary, so this creature can’t be that bad. So as the door was closing, I slipped through. 

The servant was standing around in the corner of their habitat in a closet, close to the nasty-skin-monsters, so I didn’t think they were that dangerous. Heading over to the sleeping baby, I whacked it with my flipper. I was kinda bored, so I was hoping it’d get up, so we could play. 

The creature got up. And it was not happy. 

Honestly, looking back from this, this was all just a huge misunderstanding. It could have just stayed there if it didn’t want to play. But in short, what happened was that stupid baby creature thing got up, and instead of playing with me, started chasing me. I ran towards my servant, who I’d figure would try and protect me from this disgusting creature. Instead, the idiot servant dropped a pail of something that was decided not fish, but instead some smell, blue liquid that coated me and the nasty creature. 

Even though my vision was obscured, I felt the creature still scrambling to chase me down. Dashing away, I could only hear the servant yell, “the baby crocodile is chasing the baby penguin and they’re both blue.” 

Oh. So it was called a crocodile.