The Struggle

by Sahana Ilenchezhian
Art by Vivian Huang
Issue: Metanoia (Winter 2017)

The sky,
Dark and gloomy
The moon,
A bit of light glinting in the black.

I am in pain.

A million thoughts,
A million memories,
A million sleepless nights,
Slowly kill me.

I am lost.

Dimmed lights,
Death-like silence,
Deserted alleys,
Flickering traffic signals.

I am trapped in the past.

A chilly breeze,
The moon now shadowed,
A figure walks,
The hood pulled down,
Reveals a face,
I will never forget.

The pain envelops me.

Her black curls,
Framing her face.
Her green eyes,
Glowing like those traffic lights.
Her lips turned up in one of her smiles,
Opening a bottomless hole in my heart.

I take a leap into the void.

Her image flickers.
Her eyes turn cold,
Her smile disappears,
A tear runs down her face.

She is gone.

Left alone to face the night,
Left alone to face the darkness,
Left alone to face what consumed her.

A final struggle towards the light.

Tears threaten to fall.
I close my eyes.
Struggling to forget,
The inescapable past.

I let the night drown me.