Among the Lights

by Xander Tse
Art by Kristie Wu
Issue: Ataraxia (Spring 2018)

A long road in twilight, with several trees in the distance.

We will fly high among the lights.
We worked—now bliss is sure to come.
We will shine true amid the heights.

We strove for what we would become.
We planned, we hoped, we won’t forget
The darkened nights our thoughts grew from.

We built the highest tower yet—
The product of what we have learned:
To dream, to soar without regret.

But now the fault is mine alone;
I aimed for stars—yet watched it fall,
And now I wish I could atone.

I bought a red balloon today
And let it choose its own pathway.

I’ll chase its trail throughout the nights;
It will fly high among the lights.